Church Staff

Rev. Mamie Alley

Senior Pastor,
Rev. Mamie Alley

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Annmarie Cannan

Administrative Assistant,
Annmarie Cannan

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David McKee

Director of Music Ministries,
David McKee

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David McKee is our Music Director and Organist/Pianist. He is from Mobile, Alabama and is married to his wife, Kim.

They have four children Shannon, Bonnie, Megan, and Tommy.

David’s hobbies are: Fishing, Camping, Fossling, and collecting telephone pole and electrical insulators.

An Interesting Fact: David enjoys looking for fossils. Once as he was hunting in a river in Florida for Megladon teeth or other finds, he had his back to the river, when Kim came out just in time to see a ten foot alligator slipping up behind David. She shouted just in time and David turned quickly and with his “Florida Shovel” hit the alligator on the head and they both went in the opposite directions!

What David loves best about working at Page is leading people to The Throne of Grace and helping them get closer to Christ!

His favorite Quote: “God wants for you what you would want for yourself – if you were smart enough to want it!”

Lynn Mussetter

Lynn Mussetter

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Lynn Mussetter is our Custodian. Lynn is the senior member of our Page Staff with 13 years of service. He is married to Karen and they have three children: Kelly, James and Jason.

Lynn's hobbies are: Camping, following the Vikings and Panther Football Teams, and faithfully attending Aberdeen's Sardine Festival.

An Interesting Fact: Lynn and Karen are High School sweethearts! Their pastor did not want to marry them. He didn't think their marriage would work. Karen's dad agreed and said, "their marriage would last only a year!"
Now, fifty-eight years later, Lynn and Karen smile and praise God for the blessing He has given them.

Lynn is a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Heidi Whitescarver

Parish Nurse,
Heidi Whitescarver

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Heidi is our Church's Nurse, one of out Children's Sunday School Teacher, and she co-leads the "Team Jesus Rockers" children's group on Sunday Nights.  She has also been accepted to Duke University to pursue a Master's degree to further her Christian Studies

Heidi is from Anchorage, Alaska. She is married to Mike and they have a son Vaughn, and their pets are Lovey, Cookie and Taylor.- Heidi’s hobbies are; The Barn Escape, Travel, Decorating, and Antiquing.

An interesting fact: Heidi was born in a car – a Buick – with all my sisters present and was delivered by her grandmother. She also has served 20 years in the Army including Afghanistan, and has run in 10 Marathons!

What she loves most about Page are the people, and being able to ease someone’s burden, or bring them joy.

Her favorite quote is, “Bloom where you are planted!”

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