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From the Pastor's Desk
Easter is good news! All around us God wants us to know that His desire for us is Life, and that abundantly!
Some recent events give us pause for thought about how God is at work in His world….

The movie, "I Can Only Imagine" is still playing at the movie theatre to enthusiastic crowds. The manager expected it to be long gone, but it has outlasted his expectations!

Billy Graham's funeral service was televised. The question was asked, "If this were your funeral today, would you be in Heaven?" An older man in the hospital turned off the service. He had resisted his family's every attempt to witness to him. Now he called for a chaplain to come and pray with him so he could receive Christ as his Savior.

An elderly lady invites a Gideon into her room in a nursing home to share with her how she can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After they pray together, she knows Christ will be with her forever.

People long to know God and to experience His personal concern for them. There is a hunger out there for rest from all the world has to dish out, and all that leaves life broken and down-hearted. Only Christ continues to offer any real hope for those who are seeking.

May we look for the many ways God expresses His love for us and others, and know how real is His work in our midst, for Jesus came to destroy death, darkness, and the devil and to give us a life worth living.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Mike

Thought: "Celebrate God's Goodness" …..Psalm 23:6, Psalm 84:11, and Romans 8:28

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