Pastor's Note

The Pastor’s Pen

Once I was taking communion to a family that had missed church. When I
arrived I was welcomed and led to sit down on a sofa in the living room. Just as I
did, the owners little dog, a Pomeranian, came racing around the corner, jumped
in my lap and began licking my face! With a Bible in one hand and a communion
kit in the other I was absolutely defenseless. I can say I knew how Lucy felt in the
Peanuts comic strip when she was kissed by Snoopy.

The dogs owner noticed my distress and called his dog down. I smiled and
asked the dogs name? He said, “It’s Easter, because we brought him home as a
gift!” I said, “I need to use that in a sermon for Easter, when God jumps in our lap
and kisses you until you know you’ve been kissed!” Easter the Pomeranian had
the perfect name.

For us who believe Easter of all the holidays is the one that seperates the
Christians from the rest. The world has little to do with “fairy tales and myths.” It
finds it hard to believe in things it can’t explain. For the world without Christ is
fickled and foolish and unmoved by a mind that is stagnant and stale and a lifeless
heart that can’t comprehend the joy of John 3:16 or John 11:25-26 or john 14:1-6.
But for believers we know what Martin Luther meant when he said, “God has
written the resurrection not just in books, but in every blade of spring!”

So, as you prepare for Easter, expect God’s love to surprise you. Sense deeply
the wonder of the new possibilities God continues to offer those who walk with
Him, and know that there is infinite power in Christ to open the new doors that
lead to life, for Christ has come, and we have seen Him, and felt His kiss upon our
cheek, and life can never be the same again.

Happy Easter,
Pastor Mike

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